Virtual Hearings

The City Council will be holding closed record public hearings on the below listed projects on Wednesday, August 26th, 2020.  

Click HERE for additional information on the Council's Agenda for this date.

If you are a party of record for any of the below listed projects and you wish to speak at any of these hearings you need to contact the Development Services Department (360-336-6214 or and ask for the hearing information allowing access to these hearings.  Click HERE for additional, general information on how to participate in this hearing.

For more information on any of the listed projects click HERE and click on the hyperlink for the project you wish to see additional information on.

Project's with Closed Record Hearings:

  1. Deol Final Plat, City File Number:  PLAN20-0001, final approval of a subdivision to create 11 new single-family residential lots.
  2. Skagit Valley RV Special Permission and Shoreline Permit, City File Number:  PLAN20-0047, final approval to make improvement to expand an existing RV Park.
  3. Deol Rezone, City File Number:  PLAN20-0160, rezone to make property consistent with its existing Comprehensive Plan Designation.
  4. Viewmont Estates Mobile Home Modification and Continuation of Non-Conforming Uses, City File Number:  PLAN19-0169 (and PLAN19-0169A), modify the mobile home park by adding two new mobile homes and making other improvements.