2020 Curb Ramp Improvements

Bid Award:

Construction Management: 
Project Engineer: Darin Christen, PE, Senior Project Engineer
Contact Information: (360) 336-6204
Funding: Transportation Benefit District

Additional Information

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Project Description:
This project includes improvements to over 100 curb curb ramps throughout the City, the bulk of which are located along Division St. Work includes demolishing existing sidewalk ramps, curbs, and gutters and installing accessible curb ramps, sidewalks, pedestrian curb, traffic curbs and gutters, detectable warning surfaces, and restoring pavements and landscaping, and retrofitting existing curb ramps with detectable warning surfaces.

Current Status:

Bids were opening on September 16, 2020, with the apparent low being Trinity Contractors for their bid in the amount of $476,280.00 (See "Additional Information" to find Bid Tabulation.

This project is on the September 23, 2020, Council Agenda for possible award.

Work is anticipated to begin the week of October 19, 2020, and will likely be completed before the end of the year.