Applications, Forms & Handouts

Documents For Your Use

The Development Services Department (DS) has created a variety of applications, forms, and informational handouts for your use. Before downloading and using any of these forms it is advisable that you contact staff at the department to make sure that you are using the correct application or form. Staff has organized these applications/forms and informational handouts from our Building, Code Enforcement, Engineering, and Planning Departments.

Permit Submittal Appointments

All paper permit submittals require an appointment. Please contact us at 360-336-6214 or to schedule an appointment.

Public Records Requests

Requests for Public Records can be submitted to the city two (2) different ways. The following .pdf form can be filled out electronically, or can be printed and filled out by hand and then submitted to the city: Public Records Request, .pdf form. Alternatively, the following link will take you to a web form than can be filled out and automatically submitted to the city: Web Form, Public Records Request.

 Pre-Application Meetings

Also, be advised that most projects require that you attend a pre-application meeting with staff before you can submit permit(s) to the city. The city requires pre-application meetings so that staff can outline the process for different types of permits; and so that staff can make sure you have all of the information you need to submit a complete application.

Pre-application meetings are held every Tuesday. However, two Mondays before your scheduled Tuesday meeting you must submit a pre-application form and associated materials to the department. All pre-application meetings can be applied for through our permit portal at