Residential Design Standards

New Design StandardsHouse in Montreaux

In 2005 the city adopted Design Standards and Guidelines to ensure that new developments met a number of objectives.

These objectives include:

  • Ensure housing design is based on a consistent, compatible, and aesthetic architecture
  • Ensure that new housing is designed with sensitivity to the site, as well as pedestrian scale, and rMulti-family building modulationeflects a strong residential character for the neighborhood and community
  • Ensure that new homes use building materials and architectural finishes in a manner that exemplifies quality and durability, and encourages innovative and imaginative architecture
  • Supports and defines safe pedestrian, transit, bicycle, and vehicular circulation
  • Maintain the scale, context and texture of existing neighborhoods
  • Encourage creative designs for sites and buildings
  • Allow for infill development that is sensitive to its contextPark in quadrant subdivision

The standards and guidelines are intended to promote orderly community growth; which will both protect and enhance property values for the community as a whole. To protect the existing environment of the City of Mount Vernon, and to reduce potential impacts of new development and infill development, these provisions apply to all multi-family development, residential Planned Unit Development (PUD), duplexes and single-family developments proposing lots (7600 sq. ft. or less)