The Operations Branch of the Fire Department is directed by the Fire Chief. Firefighters are assigned to shift work at one of the city's three fire stations. At full strength, each of the three shifts is comprised of eleven personnel consisting of one Battalion Chief, one Captain, two Lieutenants, and seven Firefighters. The Battalion Chiefs direct the day-to-day activities of the division.

 One of the primary goals of the Operations Branch continues to be the provision of quality emergency response services. In addition to their fire operations and rescue responsibilities, fire companies engage in the following programs and activities:

First Responder Program
The First Responder Program involves a fire company response to all emergency medical calls within the city limits for the purpose of initiating basic medical treatment or advanced life support before an ambulance arrives to continue advanced life support and transport.

 Under most circumstances, fire apparatus can respond to a medical emergency much quicker than an ambulance, simply because there are three fire companies in three strategically-located fire stations throughout the city. Patients receiving timely advanced life support have a greater probability of surviving life threatening conditions, which makes this program one of the department's most effective and rewarding activities. Our department responds to an estimated 3,000 medical emergencies each year.

Fire Inspection Program
 The Fire Inspection Program conducts routine fire and life safety inspections of existing commercial, industrial and multi-family residential structures to ensure continued compliance with Washington State Fire and Building Codes for the safety of the building occupants, the firefighters, and for our community.

Special inspections are conducted at functions such as concerts, street fairs, fundraisers, etc. Inspections are also done in conjunction of the issuance of a required permit. Permits are required for activities such as the installation or repair of fire sprinkler systems or fire alarm systems, the installation or removal of fuel storage tanks, bonfires, tents, etc.

The Fire Inspection Program is located at 1901 N LaVenture Road. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.  Fire Marshal Steven Riggs can be reached at (360) 336-6277, fax (360) 336-6247 or email mvfire@mountvernonwa.gov.