Building Department

Building Department Documents

The following are links to the Building Department's applications, forms, and informational handouts for your use.  Our Department is in the process of updating and uploading our applications.  As such, if you don't see a form  you need please call (360) 336-6214 and we will assist you in getting what you need.  


Commercial Building Permit (MS Word Form)
Commercial Building Permit (PDF)
Demolition Permit (MS Word Form)
Demolition Permit (PDF)
Fence Permit (MS Word Form)
Fence Permit (PDF)
Floodplain Development Permit (MS Word Form)
Floodplain Development Permit (PDF)
Home Occupation Permit (MS Word Form)
Home Occupation Permit (PDF)
Manufactured Home Permit (MS Word Form)
Manufactured Home Permit (PDF)
Mechanical and/or Plumbing Permits (MS Word Form)
Mechanical and/or Plumbing Permits (PDF)
Portable Sign Permit (MS Word Form)
Portable Sign Permit (PDF)
Residential Building Permit (MS Word Form) without Handouts
Residential Building Permit (PDF) with Handouts
Solar Panel Permit (MS Word Form)
Solar Panel Permit (PDF)
Special Inspections Form (PDF)
Re-Roof Permit (MS Word Form)
Re-Roof Permit (PDF)
Sign Permit (MS Word Form)
Sign Permit (PDF)

Informational Handouts