Municipal Code Amendments


Following are copies of ordinances that have amended the city’s municipal code, or may be of public interest, after August 28, 2019:

Ordinance 3780Creates MVMC 8.50, Severe Weather Shelters
Ordinance 3783Continues Ordinance 3780 related to Severe Weather Shelters
Ordinance 3790Amends MVMC 17.210, Temporary Homeless Encampments, with amendments allowing Safe Parking
Ordinance 3793Continues Ordinance 3790 related to Safe Parking
Ordinance 3802Amends Multiple Chapters of the MVMC to add Affordable Housing Incentives
Ordinance 3825
Adopt 2018 Building Fire Code, Update Permit Expiration Dates and Updated Procedures
Ordinance 3830Amend Chapter 8.12 Solid Waste Collection
Ordinance 3834Amend Chapter 17.111, Rezone
Ordinance 3836Amend Chapter 3.70 Authorize Sales and Use Tax for Affordable Housing and Related Services
Ordinance 3840Amend Chapter 10.20 Parking Zones
Ordinance 3841Amend Chapter 15.36 Floodplain Management Standards
Ordinance 3842Amend Chapter 15.07, Shoreline Master Program