Employee Benefits

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Employee Benefits
Eligible Employees receive medical, dental and vision plans, employee assistant program and may be eligible for life and/or long term disability (LTD) depending upon your position's Collective Bargaining Agreement and/or City Policy. All of these plans may require an employee to share in paying a portion of the premiums. The effective start date for insurance coverage is the first (1st) day of the month following employment.

Vacation and Holiday Pay
Sick Leave
Jury Duty/Military Leave

For those employees enrolled in the 2018 Premera High-Deductible Healthplan, BPAS is the administrator of your Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) plan. An HRA is a benefit plan set up by the City of Mount Vernon to reimburse employees for qualified medical-related expenses on a non-taxable basis.

Insurance Plans
Employees receive medical, dental and vision plans, employee assistant program and may be eligible for life depending upon your position's Collective Bargaining Agreement and/or City Policy.

The City is continuing to offer two medical plan options: Premera $250 deductible and Premera High Deductible. Please see the medical insurance premium worksheet below to compare plan cost. The employee’s contribution is through a pre-tax payroll deduction.

Basic Insurance Definitions

A specific dollar amount that your health insurance company may require that you pay out-of-pocket each year before your health insurance plan begins to make payments for claims. Not all health insurance plans require a deductible

The amount that you are obliged to pay for covered medical services after you've satisfied any co-payment or deductible required by your health insurance plan. Coinsurance is typically expressed as a percentage of the charge or allowable charge for a service rendered by a healthcare provider. For example, if your insurance company covers 80% of the allowable charge for a specific service, you may be required to cover the remaining 20% as coinsurance.

A specific charge that your health insurance plan may require that you pay for a specific medical service or supply, also referred to as a "co-pay." For example, your health insurance plan may require a $15 co-payment for an office visit or brand-name prescription drug, after which the insurance company often pays the remainder of the charges.

Cadillac Tax:
Permanent, annual tax beginning in 2018 on high-cost employer-sponsored health coverage. The cost of coverage included the total contributions paid by both employer and employee.
Healthcare Premium:
The amount the city or the city and the employer pay to purchase health coverage

In-Network vs Out-of-Network:
If the healthcare provider or healthcare facility you visit is part of your insurance company’s network, you will get your healthcare at a lower price. Not applicable to emergency or accidental injury treatment.

Helpful Acronyms

VEBA: Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association

FSA: Flexible Spending Account
Allows employee to set aside a portion of pre-tax earnings to pay for qualified medical expenses.

HD: High Deductible

HRA: Health Reimbursement Account
Employer-funded plan that reimburses employees for incurred medical expenses that are not covered by the city’s standard insurance plan.

BPAS: Benefit Plans Administrative Services Inc.

2018 Medical plan changes: 

  • All changes to medical plan membership (adding, dropping or changing plans) will be done online this year. Please view these instructions.

Insurance Plans

Life Insurance Policy
Standard Life Insurance Policy Certificate

Health Plans effective 1/1/2018 - 12/31/2018

Rate Sheet
Premera Plans
Willamette Dental
Delta Dental
Delta Dental Ortho
24 Hour Nurseline
Virtual Care
Benefit Advocates
Annual Notices

Other Documents and Forms:
High Deductible FAQs
EEOC Wellness Letter
Dual Insurance Incentive
Healthcare Exchange Notice
Flexible Spending Enrollment Form

Voluntary Benefits:

AWC Vision & Dental (for benefit or eligibility questions) Phone: 800-562-8981

Delta Dental (WDS)  
Phone: (800) 554-1907

Willamette Dental
Phone: (855) 433-6825

Vision Service Plan (VSP)
Phone: (800) 877-7195

Employee Assistance Program

The VEBA, Notional HRA and Flex Spending are managed by BPAS. The account can be managed on-line, through their mobile app or by submitting the paper forms:

BPAS HRA Reimbursement Form

BPAS FSA Reimbursement Form