College Way Widening Under Interstate 5

Project Description: 

This project includes improvements to College Way beneath I-5 to add more lane capacity and relieve traffic congestion. Improvements include traffic signal modifications, adding two additional traffic lanes on both the north and south side of College Way, storm drain improvements, relocating of utilities, modifications to the I-5 bridge abutments to accommodate the road widening, installation of curb gutter, and sidewalk. This segment of College Way has heavy turning traffic at the I-5 interchange that causes blocking of through vehicles in the east/west direction. 


This project is funded by the Washington Transportation Improvement Board (TIB), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and a County economic development grant.

Project Status: 

Puget Sound Energy is in the process of relocating power. Trees are being removed as necessary to accommodate the relocation. Anticipate going to bid for construction in summer 2018, with work beginning before the end of the year. This project will take approximately eight/nine months to complete.

College Way Widening Under I-5 Proposed Design