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Day and Night Geocoin Challenge
Event Overview
For this years main Geocoin event, we've broken it down to two events, which bring two parts of a coin. The Day event features 10 brand new caches spread throughout the city's Parks and Trails. As night falls, 5 new Night Caches await you. Successfully completing the night portion gets you the companion piece to the day coin. Note: Only the day coin is trackable on

Headquarters for the event will move during the event. Coins can be claimed at any location through the day. Starting at the Vaux Retreat Center, then moving to the Skagit Riverwalk during lunch time, and finally at the Parks and Recreation Administration Building for the night event. Details below.

The Day Event
Registration Starts at 8:00am at the Vaux Retreat Center. We ask that you preregister, however you can register the day of the event. You will be given a raffle ticket and your log book. As in the past, free Wifi is available, as are some computer work stations. We will be preparing coordinate information. The Vaux center stays open until 10:00am. We will then move HQ to the Skagit Riverwalk at The Front Gallery and Event Room'.  420 Myrtle Street from 11a-2p.

And as a special Surprise, LanMonkey, witzend, and The Bad Cop will be hosting a social at the Front starting at 1pm. They host the Podcast Caching NW. If you are not following it you should. Mount Vernon Parks is a supporter of the tips, tricks, and warnings they share which are important to all cachers in the NW. They also featured this event in a recent podcast.

Cachers can turn in their completed daytime logs and receive part one of the coin. The Farmers Market will be in full swing at the Riverwalk Plaza. We will be holding a raffle and the prizes will be on display. Each cacher receives a raffle ticket at registration, and additional tickets can be purchased at any time. All proceeds go to the Mount Vernon Parks Foundation.

Here is the LOG SHEET

Other things to do
During the down time between the Day and Night Event, there are some other things to explore in and around Mount Vernon. The Historic Downtown Bughunt from last years event is still in place. Although the event itself is archived, you can still find and log all of the permanent Travel Bugs located downtown and claim the 2015 Pathtag. Click here for more information.

Our neighbor city Burlington will be in full swing of the annual Berry Dairy Days. This is an annual festival celebrating the agricultural history of the Skagit Valley.

The Night Event
Starting at 8pm, HQ will have moved back to the Vaux Retreat Center. Stop in to obtain your special logbook. There are five brand new night caches in place. You will need some TOTT (Tools Of The Trade) for this event. A flashlight, and UV Flashlight will be needed. UV flashlights can be purchased at any big box store (Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart etc) for around $10.00. And of course dress for the weather. It can get rather cool on some of the trails once the sun goes down. We suggest getting together in groups as parking can be a bit limited at some of the trail heads.

Return your completed log sheet for the second piece of the event coin. This night piece is not trackable, but is part of the main day coin. This part can also be picked up at either of the Sunday events as well.

How long does the event last?
The main Geocoin event will continue for as long as there are coins available. The new day and night caches are permanent. If you'd like to earn the coins, please call the Parks Office first to ensure that there are still coins. Once they are gone, we will archive the event.

Parks Office
Hillcrest Park
1717 S 13th St
Mount Vernon, WA.  98274