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Adult Entertainment
On May 24, 2017 the Mount Vernon City Council approved Ordinance 3714.  This Ordinance adopts new regulations with regard to adult entertainment businesses and uses in the City.
The City’s zoning regulations pertaining to adult uses were first adopted in 1985 and substantively amended just once in 1995.  The potential for undesirable impacts, in conjunction with regulations that have not been analyzed in over two decades, as well as changes in the law related to adult entertainment uses, lead to the initiation of a work program to update and amend these regulations.

On October 26, 2016 the City Council adopted two Ordinances that:  1) provide interim development regulations for adult uses until such time that the City is able to study the impacts of these uses and adopt permanent regulations (Ordinance 3698); and 2) adopted regulations regarding lewd conduct (Ordinance 3699).  Copies of these two Ordinances can be viewed by clicking on them here:  Ordinance 3698, Ordinance 3699
The City Council also adopted a Resolution on October 26, 2016 establishing an Adult Entertainment Zoning and Licensing Committee.  A copy of this Resolution can be viewed by clicking on it here:  Resolution 920

Following this on December 7, 2016 City Council held a public hearing on the interim regulations adopted on October 26, 2016.  At this public hearing Council adopted Ordinance 3705 that ratifies, renews and confirms the interim regulations adopted with Ordinance 3698.  Ordinance 3705
Index to the Legislative Record       
ID: Document(s) From:  Document(s) Title:
 1 Adult Entertainment Zoning and Licensing Committee  Adult Entertainment Zoning and Licensing Committee 
 1.1 City of Amarillo  A Report on Zoning and Other Methods of Regulating Adult Entertainment in Amarillo 
 1.2 City of Austin  Report on Adult Oriented Businesses in Austin 
 1.3 City of Bellevue  Location of Adult Entertainment Uses 
 1.4 Blaine Police
Blaine Book Company Memorandum with Allegations of Rape and Solicitation of a Minor for Prostitution (contains graphic materials, copies can be viewed at City Hall) 
 1.5 City of Des Moines  Adult Use Zoning Analysis, including their Legislative Record 
 1.6 City of Everett, Crime Analysis Unit  Report on Crime at Existing Adult Retail Businesses 
 1.7 City of Garden Grove  The Relationship Between Crime and Adult Business Operation on Garden Grove Boulevard 
 1.8 City of Federal Way  Legislative record 
 1.9 City of Indianapolis  Adult Entertainment Businesses in Indianapolis 
 1.10 Town of Islip  Study and Recommendations for Adult Entertainment Businesses in the Town of Islip 
 1.12 City of Kent  Adult Use Zoning Study 
 1.13 City of Los Angeles  Study of the Effects of the Concentration of Adult Entertainment Establishments in the City of Los Angeles 
 1.14 Times Square Business Improvement District   Report on the Secondary Effects of the Concentration of Adult Use Establishments in the Times Square Area 
 1.15 New York  Adult Entertainment Study 
 1.16 City of Olympia  Legislative Report on Zoning Regulations of Adult Oriented Businesses 
 1.17 City of Saint Paul  Adult Entertainment – a 40 acre Study 
 1.18 City of Spokane  Declarations from Karen Rel, Dr. Joseph Asterino, Ron Hansen, and Joseph C. Books; also testimony from Karen Roberts to the City Planning Commission (contains graphic materials, copies can be viewed at City Hall) 
 1.19 City of Renton  Declaration of Marilyn Petersen (City Clerk for the City of Renton) submitting exhibits given to the Renton City Council from Phillip Beckley (contains graphic materials, copies can be viewed at City Hall)  
 1.20 City of Federal Way  Declaration of Londi Lindell, City Attorney of Federal Way, submitting photographs from a magazine found by Bob Evans, discarded in a parking lot of an Adult Retail Establishment. (contains graphic materials, copies can be viewed at City Hall) 
 1.21 Spokane County  Declaration of Patricia C. Walker, Special Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Spokane County, submitting copies of items citizens have found near adult  (contains graphic materials, copies can be viewed at City Hall) 
 1.22 City of Garden Grove  Declarations from Herbert Hall (customer of adult book stores), Officer Ricardo Bermudez, Officer Todd Elgin, Officer Gary Faust, Officer Mark Hutchinson (contains graphic materials, copies can be viewed at City Hall) 
 1.23 City of Bellevue  Declaration from Officer DeVore regarding incident with suspects that met at R & R Adult Toys store.  (contains graphic materials, copies can be viewed at City Hall) 
 1.24  Canada Stripping Visas for Foreign Strippers 
 1.25  Human Trafficking, Drug Activity at Treasures Strip Club, Alleged by Prosecutors 
 1.26  Prostitution and Strip Clubs Often Linked to Human Trafficking, Duputies Say 
 1.27  3 Baltimore Strip Clubs Raided in Human Trafficking Case 
 1.28  Where Strip Clubs Thrive in Portland, So Does Child Sex Trafficking 
 2 City of Mount Vernon  Planning Commission Public Hearing Materials 
 3 City of Mount Vernon  Land Use and Buildable Lands Analysis
Appendix A to this Analysis 
 4 City of Mount Vernon  Adult Entertainment Overlay Zone Map 
 5 City of Seattle  Director's Report Adult Cabarets 
 6 City of Seattle  Director's Report Adult Entertainment 
 7 City of Saint Paul  Adult Entertainment Staff Report  
 8 McCleary, Richard  Crime Risk in the Vicinity of a Sexually Oriented Business:  A Report to the Centralia City Attorney's Office 
 9 Lindell, Londi  Adult Entertainment Legislative Record 
 10 McCord, Eric and Tewksbury, Richard  Does the Presence of Sexually Oriented Businesses Relate to Increased Levels of Crime?  An Examination Using Spatial Analysis 
 11 City of Seattle  Director's Report on Adult Cabarets in Seattle 
 12 Keuhl, David and Wilson, Shawn
McCleary, Richard 
Secondary Effects of Sexually-Oriented Businesses on Market Values and Secondary Effects of "Off-Site" Sexually-Oriented Businesses 
 13 Everett Adult Use Citizen Committee  Adult Use Citizens Committee Report to City Council on the Zoning of Adult Use Businesses 
 14 City of New Orleans  Adult Live Performance Venues Study 
 15 Donnerstein, Edward and Linz, Daniel  Final Report of the Distance and Message Effectiveness Study 
 16 Police Department Incident Calls  Incident Calls at Foxy Lady (2626 Henson Road, Mount Vernon) 2011 to 2016
Incident Calls for Foxy Lady (9566 Old Hwy 99 North, Burlington) 2010 to 2015
Incident Calls for Sips Ahoy (7607 Sr 20, Anacortes) 2012 to 2016
 17 Various New Outlets  Bare-Chested Baristas May Soon be Outlawed in Washington City, 4.12.2017  Coffee Madam Laundered $2 Million Through Wash. Bikini Baristas, 8.30.2014
Everett Herald:  Former Cop Accused of Misconduct with Bikini Baristas (8.2.2014
Everett Herald:  Bikini Barista Stand Manager Pleads Guilty to Promoting Prostitution (6.3.2015)
KOMO news:  Confessed Coffee Stand Madam Avoids Jail Time in Sentencing (1.11.2016)
NBC News:  Three Bikini Baristas ARrested at Washington Espresso Stand (10.30.2013)
KHQ:  5 Everett Binini Baristas Accused of Prostitution (9.25.2009)
KOMO News:  Cop Accused of Tipping Bikini Baristas to Police Intestigations (6.25.2013) 
 18 Snohomish County Legislative Record  Comments 
 19 Snohomish County Legislative Record  Materials from the Record 
 20 Federal Way Legislative Record  Materials from the Record 
 21 Incident Calls and Booking Records from Various Agencies  Records 
 22 Declaration of Edward Donnerstein Declaration of Edward Donnerstein 
 23 Various  Public Comments Received by the City 
To initiate the work program to update the City's regulations regarding adult uses the Community & Economic Development Department completed a Planning Study; the full text of which can be downloaded via the links below. 

Planning Study on Adult Uses

Appendix A
Appendix B
(this Appendix has been split into four parts due to its size;
please note these files are still quite large)

Appendix B, Part 1
Appendix B, Part 2
Appendix B, Part 3
Appendix B, Part 4
Appendix C


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