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Adult Entertainment
The City has appointed an advisory committee to study, take testimony and ultimately make recommendations to the City with regard to the regulation of adult uses and adult entertainment within the City.  Following are links to the committee's Agendas and other associated materials.

Agendas: Materials for Meeting:
11.29.16 Agenda Materials for 11.29.16 Meeting
12.20.16 Agenda Materials for 12.20.16 Meeting 
12.27.16 Agenda Materials for 12.27.16 Meeting 
1.10.17 Agenda Materials for 1.10.17 Meeting (minus graphic items)
1.31.17 Agenda Materials for 1.31.17 Meeting (minus graphic items)
2.21.17 Agenda Materials for 2.21.17 Meeting

Click here to be directed to meeting minutes for the above listed meetings.

The City issued a determination of non-significance (DNS) with an associated comment period on March 20, 2017.  Click here for a copy of the DNS and its associated SEPA checklist.  Public hearings on the draft code amendments are scheduled before the Planning Commission on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 6 PM; and before the City Council on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 7 PM.  Both hearings will be held at the Mount Vernon Police and Court Campus located at 1805 Continental Place, Mount Vernon. 
The City’s zoning regulations pertaining to adult uses were first adopted in 1985 and substantively amended just once in 1995.  The potential for undesirable impacts, in conjunction with regulations that have not been analyzed in over two decades, as well as changes in the law related to adult entertainment uses, lead to the initiation of a work program to update and amend these regulations.

On October 26, 2016 the City Council adopted two Ordinances that:  1) provide interim development regulations for adult uses until such time that the City is able to study the impacts of these uses and adopt permanent regulations (Ordinance 3698); and 2) adopted regulations regarding lewd conduct (Ordinance 3699).  Copies of these two Ordinances are found below:

Ordinance 3698
Ordinance 3699
The City Council also adopted a Resolution on October 26, 2016 establishing an Adult Entertainment Zoning and Licensing Committee.  A copy of this Resolution follows:

Resolution 920

On December 7, 2016 City Council held a public hearing on the interim regulations adopted on October 26, 2016.  At this public hearing Council adopted Ordinance 3705 that ratifies, renews and confirms the interim regulations adopted with Ordinance 3698.

Ordinance 3705

Following are links to some of the reports and other information that the Adult Entertainment Zoning and Licensing Committee has reviewed to-date.  Please note that the Committee has reviewed other materials that are very graphic in nature and not suitable to be viewed by minors.  Anyone wishing to view the graphic materials can request a copy by contacting Rebecca Lowell (whose contact information is to the right of this page).
Jurisdiction Title of Report
City of Amarillo A Report on Zoning and Other Methods of Regulating Adult Entertainment in Amarillo
City of Austin Report on Adult Oriented Businesses in Austin
City of Bellevue  Location of Adult Entertainment Uses 
City of Des Moines Adult Use Zoning Analysis and Legislative Record 
City of Garden Grove  The Relationship Between Crime and Adult Business Operations on Garden Grove Boulevard 
City of Federal Way Legislative Record Materials 
City of Indianapolis Adult Entertainment Businesses in Indianapolis 
Town of Islip Study and Recommendations for Adult Entertainment Businesses in the Town of Islip
City of Kelso Memo Regarding Zoning for Sexually Oriented Businesses 
City of Kent Adult Use Zoning Study 
Minnesota Report of the Attorney General's Working Group on the Regulation of Sexually Oriented Businesses 
City of Saint Paul Adult Entertainment - a 40 acre Study 
New York Adult Entertainment Study
Report on the Secondary Effects of the Concentration of Adult Use Establishments in the Times Square Area
City of Olympia Legislative Report on Zoning Regulations of Adult Oriented Businesses 
Various News Reports linking Adult Entertainment and Human Trafficking
To initiate the work program to update the City's regulations regarding adult uses the Community & Economic Development Department has completed a Planning Study; the full text of which can be downloaded via the links below. 

Planning Study on Adult Uses

Appendix A
Appendix B
(this Appendix has been split into four parts due to its size;
please note these files are still quite large)

Appendix B, Part 1
Appendix B, Part 2
Appendix B, Part 3
Appendix B, Part 4
Appendix C


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