Development Services

You feel a community’s heartbeat by the quality of its jobs, parks, amenities, and services. The Development Services Department (DSD) helps recruit, review, approve, and permit each of those as the ‘heart’ starting that beat. DSD staff members work hard to check that the natural and built environment is safe, enjoyable, and sustainable.

If you have questions about what is happening in your community, we are here for you. Please use our DSD Contact Us page for help.

DSD consists of four Divisions:

  1. Building: performs permit reviews, code interpretations, building inspections, code enforcement, and flood management.
  2. Engineering: regulates public infrastructure design and installation, and issues permits for sewers (sanitary and storm) and the associated earth disturbing activities.
  3. GIS: maps zoning, land use, critical areas, school district boundaries and more; performs spatial analysis; and provides support to every City department.
  4. Planning: processes both current and long-range projects and plans by maintaining compliance with the Growth Management Act (GMA) and related legislative issues. 

Many DSD permits can be submitted online 

Click to find Applications, Forms, and Handouts listing which permits can be submitted online.


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