Patrol Operations

Patrol Responsibilities 

Under the command of Lieutenant Ben Green, and direct supervision of squad sergeants Walter Martinez, Brandon Young, Brent Thompson and Josh Maxwell, officers are assigned to prevent and investigate crime, enforce laws, protect lives and property, apprehend criminals, preserve the peace, prevent and investigate accidents, expedite the flow of traffic and provide for the necessary called-for services throughout the city.


When and where possible, the Patrol Division will provide an overt presence in all geographical areas of the city and at all times sufficient to ensure response to an emergency call for assistance within a time period consistent with effective protection of life and property. Additionally, the division is responsible to identify and arrest suspects of crimes against persons and property, recover and return stolen property, and assist in the prosecution of those persons arrested for crimes.

Patrol Division

  • 1st Response
  • Traffic Safety & Enforcement
  • Accident Investigation
  • Tactical Response
  • Priority Policing
  • Neighborhood Resource
  • Animal / Parking Control

The division, in concert with other divisions and units, is expected to implement strategies to control crimes of vice, gang activity, and violations of dangerous drug laws through covert operations, on-view discovery, and investigation. Officers of the division are responsible for initiating follow-up investigations and to assist citizens in developing strategies and methods to reduce the probability of being victimized.