Property & Evidence


The Mount Vernon Police Property Division is within the department's Services Bureau. It is managed by the Records Manager and is staffed by one Records Specialist who is assigned full-time to the Property Division and by one Records Specialist who is assigned part-time to the Property Division.


The Property Division provides support to the Operations Bureau which consists of Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Crime Prevention Divisions. The primary function of the Property Division is the receipt, processing, and disposition of all property held by the Mount Vernon Police Department as either evidence, found property or for safekeeping.

Property Division

  • Evidence 
  • Found Property 
  • Safekeeping 
  • Department Inventory

We are now using Property Room for all of our property auctions. Our surplus, found, unclaimed, and forfeited property auctions will be conducted on the Internet. Interested persons may view the items and submit their bids by logging onto Property Room.

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