Vacation Home Check

About the Program

This free service is offered to residents who live within Mount Vernon City limits who are planning to be away from their home on vacation. It's intended for trips of no more than thirty days, however, if resources and ability allows, arrangements for longer time frames can be made.

While you're away, MVPV (Mount Vernon Police Volunteers) will inspect your home and if they discover suspicious or criminal activities immediately contact the Police Department. MVPV work in pairs and drive an unmarked patrol car. Inspection coverage is based on volunteer availability and most contribute approximately two hours, one day a week.

How to Sign Up

Requests for vacation home checks can be made by coming to the front desk of the Department and filling out the required paperwork.  

Before You Leave

1. Stop your mail AND newspapers or have someone scheduled to pick them up. 

2. Check that security alarms are working properly.

3. Let your known neighbors know how long you will be away.

4. Identify a LOCAL emergency contact. 

5. Provide your trusted neighbor or emergency contact a key, alarm codes and information police might need.

6. Leave a light, radio and/or television on a timer. 

7. Secure your doors and windows (locks, slide blocks, etc.)

8. Back-up your computer information & store a copy away from the home. 

9. Remove guns, jewelry, or heirlooms to a secure location.

10. Make sure your homeowners insurance is up date. 

11. Check to make sure you home security cameras are operational if you have them. 

12. Have all shrubbery trimmed that would conceal key entrances to your house, especially basement windows.