Public Works

Notice an odor like that of new plastic in the air.

  Beginning January 25, 2022, lasting approximately six-weeks, the City is will be performing sewer lining repairs and this odor may occur during the pipe repair process. This odor may be caused by a chemical named styrene that is used to make many types of plastics and resins, including many household products. 

Information about Styrene for Sewer Lining

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The Public Works Department maintains the infrastructure of the city. It is the city's most diverse department and employs 51 professional dedicated employees making sure the streets are maintained, the wastewater is treated, the surface water is handled appropriately, the garbage is collected, and the city's equipment fleet and buildings are maintained.


In addition, the Public Works Department provides engineering services for right of way management and support for the planning, design, and construction of public infrastructure. Public Works also manages the City's Capital Improvement Program.

Title VI

City of Mount Vernon and Washington State Department of Transportation Policy Statement - Title VI Nondiscrimination Agreement - Title VI NDA Annual Report 2017