Surface Water


The Surface Water Management (SWM) Division is responsible for the comprehensive management of the city's designed stormwater systems. This involves protecting infrastructure and properties from flooding, runoff, and water quality problems, while continuing to accommodate growth. The SWM division also promotes the preservation of natural drainage systems and the protection of fishery resources and wildlife habitat.

Storm Drains

In most of Mount Vernon, the storm drains discharge directly to creeks or streams and then into the Skagit River. Please do your part in helping to protect our waterways. Report any spill, illicit discharge, or illegal connection to our waterways or storm sewer system by calling the city’s Water Quality Hotline at (360) 336-6204 or email.


The Surface Water Management (SWM) Division provides all surface water and stormwater related services for the City of Mount Vernon. Please note that SWM is not associated with the water utility currently providing water service within the city. The Skagit Public Utility District can be reached at (360) 424-7104 or visit their website.