Patrol Division

Kulshan Creek Neighborhood Resource Officer Edgar Serrano

Specialized Services

  • Offers police services from the Kulshan Creek Neighborhood Station at North 26th Street and Kulshan Ave.
  • Publishes the Kulshan Creek News letter.
  • Investigates and enforces criminal issues within Kulshan Creek Boundaries.
  • Sits on several neighborhood committees attended by residents, managers, and other service agencies.
  • Coordinates clean-up activities, graffiti removal and establishment of the neighborhood garden.
  • Kulshan Creek Neighborhood Resource Officer

Middle School Resource Officer

My name is Officer Mike MacGillivary and I'm Mount Vernon PD's current Middle School SRO. I was selected in 2021 to become the Middle School resource officer for both Mount Baker and Laventure Middle Schools. I have spent much of my career in the Patrol Division and am excited to be a part of this exciting position. 

Specialized Services

  • As the school resource officer, I provide police services to Mount Baker and LaVenture Middle Schools.
  • I investigate crimes that occur on campus or involve middle school students.
  • I also work with school administrators, staff, parents, and students to identify and resolve problems.
  • My highest priority is the safety of students and staff on both campuses.

Enforcement is not always the best approach for resolving a problem. Developing trust and building positive relationships with middle school students can often help with mediating an issue. Being in a position to mentor our younger citizens on a continuing basis is a unique and rewarding opportunity.

Any questions please feel free to contact me.

Priority Policing Team (PPT)

Under the command of the Patrol Division lieutenant and direct supervision of the Special Operations Sergeant Brent Thompson, officers assigned to the Priority Policing Team are primarily responsible to detect and suppress reoccurring criminal acts such as gang activity and car prowling, develop and implement neighborhood crime-resistance strategies, arrest and assist in the prosecution of individuals suspected of repeated criminal acts.


PPT offers gang education and awareness expertise to schools, community groups, and other law enforcement agencies. Investigates gang crimes and develops strategies to reduce gang encroachment in our community. Provides expert court testimony regarding gang activity in Mount Vernon. Develops crime reduction strategies for emerging crime problems like vehicle prowl. Address street level drug activity in neighborhoods. Develops arrest plan for high risk offenders and warrant services.

Special Operations

Specialized Resources

Officers dedicated to neighborhoods with high service needs, traffic accident reduction, school crimes, parking, and animal control.

  • Neighborhood Resource Officer
  • Priority Policing Officers
  • School Resource Officers
  • Special Operations Supervisor
  • Traffic Officer

Tactical Operations

The Police Tactical Operations Team (PTO), when mobilized, is under the tactical command of the Patrol Division lieutenant and general incident command of the Administrative Services lieutenant. Its primary objective is to locate and apprehend criminal suspects or other individuals considered to be of high risk to themselves, the public or responding officers. High-risk individuals include barricaded felons, hostage takers, wanted criminals suspected of being armed or dangerous, or any other person considered to be an extraordinary risk to responding officers.

Traffic Enforcement & Education

Officers assigned to this function are primarily responsible for traffic safety education, enforcement of traffic laws, and investigation of motor vehicle accidents. This function is responsible to calculate and report on accident trends, working in cooperation with other city departments, and providing recommendation on ways to reduce injury and property loss to citizens. Officers assigned to this function are expected to discover, arrest, and assist in the prosecution of vehicle operators under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Officers are also responsible for regular patrol duties and assignments as necessary or when directed. Officers are expected to work in cooperation with appropriate city departments and others to accomplish the mission. Email the Traffic Enforcement and Education Division with your questions.

The department has a radar trailer that is placed in problematic areas of the city to help remind motorist to obey the speed limit. If you would like to request a radar trailer at a specific location please fill out the Radar Location Request.

Uniform Patrol

General Responsibilities

  • Uniformed personnel providing first response police services 24-hours a day.
  • Consists of approximately 33 personnel allocated to squads that rotate between day, swing and night shifts.
  • A Special operations squad comprising, Neighborhood Resources, Traffic, Priority Policing, School Resource and Animal Control provide specialized services to key areas.
  • Four officers is the minimum staffing level.

West Hill Neighborhood Resource Officer

Hello, I'm Officer Chris Carlson and I've been with the Mount Vernon Police Department for over 6 years. I have worked as a patrol officer and GRO prior to becoming the West hill NRO.

Specialized Services

When needed I do assist other officers throughout the city; however, my main assignment is providing police services from the West Hill Neighborhood Station located at the Mount Vernon High School. Geographically, the West Hill Neighborhood encompasses the area between 13th Street and North Fourth from Division to East Fir.

I also work with High School staff, administrators, parents, and students to identify and resolve problems relating to the High School campus. Developing a rapport with the students allows me to proactively address and resolve an issue before it becomes a larger problem.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me