Member Duties & Responsibilities

"To create relationships that allow the City of Mount Vernon to celebrate the diversity of art within our community."

  • Attend 9 of 12 regularly scheduled Commission meetings per year.
  • Support the work of the Commission by serving on board committees or ad hoc committees, and actively participating in it's programs, projects, and events. Committee meetings are in addition to the regular monthly Commission meetings.
  • Actively participate in giving advice and collaborating on recommendations to City Council.
  • Assist in setting the strategic direction of the Commission.
  • Work with City staff to ensure that policies are carried out in a financially, ethically, and legally sound manner.
  • Participate in the securing of funding and in-kind goods and services as needed by the Commission.
  • Be engaged in the development, monitoring, and evaluating of the Annual Plan.
  • Serve as "Ambassador" for the Arts Commission, supporting the Mission and Goals while building enthusiasm for Commission programs, projects, and events.