Phases I, II and III

Project Description

The Downtown Mount Vernon Flood Protection and Revitalization Project will protect Mount Vernon's historic downtown from flooding with FEMA certified flood protection and serve to revitalize the historic downtown area. The project will remove the downtown from the FEMA 100-year base flood elevation and will release pent up economic opportunities that are so important to our region. The project is the key component of the comprehensive downtown redevelopment plan that is being used to guide public and private investments over the next 20 years.

The Project, which features a river promenade, trail system and public riverfront park, was done in three phases:

  • Phase I: Completed October 2010
    Floodwall and river trail from Division Street Bridge north to Lions Park
  • Phase II: Completed April 2016
    Included floodwall engineered to protect historic downtown Mount Vernon, 1,650 linear feet of floodwall, 24-ft wide riverwalk and trail connection to regional trail system, 30,000 square foot Public Riverfront Park.
  • Phase III: Completed April 2018
    Included 1.4 miles of floodwall and earthen levee and .9 miles of riverwalk and trail connection to regional trail system.
Phase III Background Information

Phase III Image

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