LEOFF1 Disability Board Benefits

The City will provide all post 65 LEOFF1 retirees healthcare coverage administered by Hartford Group Benefits and is underwritten by United American Insurance Company. This is a MEDIGAP Plan based on utilizing Medicare as primary coverage and a supplement to pay the deductible and co-insurance. Post 65 LEOFF1 retirees are also being enrolled in a prescription drug coverage plan with Retiree RX Care.

The City will also provide healthcare coverage to pre 65 LEOFF1 retirees through the Kaiser First Choice network.

If you are eligible for Medicare it is your secondary health insurance after Medicare, for those ineligible for Medicare it is your primary insurance. First submit all medical claims to Medicare (if applicable) and Kaiser. If there are any medical expenses still due after Medicare and/or Kaiser payments have been issued, you can submit the City of Mount Vernon LEOFF1 Board Medical Claim Reimbursement Form with receipts or the Medicare/Kaiser Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms for payment verification. Submitting out-of-pocket medical expenses to the LEOFF1 Board does not guarantee payment. All claims for medical expense reimbursement must comply with the City of Mount Vernon LEOFF 1 Rules

For LEOFF1 Employees on Medicare:

If you see a VSP provider they will bill MedicareAdvantage directly for the hardware/exam.

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Hartford Group Benefits Customer Service Line: 1-884-380-4557

Premera Customer Service Line: 1-800-722-1471

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Phone: 1-800-medicare
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