Kulshan Creek Neighborhood Station Mosaic

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After the Kulshan Creek Neighborhood logo was created by Nester Cerna, funding was obtained through Skagit County Youth and Family Services to support an art project to create a 3' by 5' glass mosaic of the new logo that would be displayed at the Kulshan Creek Neighborhood Station.

In 2005, Teresa Reynosa, who was the At-Risk Interventionist Specialist (ARIS) case worker assigned to work with youth and families in the Kulshan Creek community, teamed up with Fir Island artist Patty Detzer to transform the logo into a glass mosaic. Ms. Reynosa organized a group of approximately 10 young males who were on Ms. Reynosa's caseload to work with Ms. Detzer on creating the glass mosaic. The selected youth were youth who were on eith probation or parole.

Over a 3-month period, Ms. Detzer worked with these youth 2 nights a week on the project. When the mosaic was completed, a dedication ceremony was held for the youth who helped in the project and their families. The ceremony was attended by the Mount Vernon Police Department command staff, city of Mount Vernon Mayor and Skagit County Commissioners.