La Paloma Apartments CPTED Project

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The south side of the 2329 building at La Paloma Apartments had provided an ideal a canvas for youth graffiti. The building is directly north of Kulshan Avenue and is approximately 50 feet from the roadway. Each day hundreds of vehicles and numerous school buses pass the building. Every few months, the same wall would be tagged with graffiti, and each time the Skagit Housing Authority which owns and manages the property would have to dedicate significant resources to paint over the graffiti.

The Kulshan Creek Neighborhood Station worked with Skagit Housing Authority and La Paloma Apartment residents on brainstorming ideas to make the building less attractive to vandals. From these meetings, a proposal was discussed to plant trees in front of the wall where the graffiti was occurring. The trees were planted in 2008, and the graffiti has not returned since.