Kulshan Creek Street Festival

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Kulshan Creek Neighborhood Street Festivals are hosted by the Kulshan Creek Neighborhood Property Managers and the Kulshan Creek Neighborhood Station twice each summer. The street festivals are typically held the first Saturday after Memorial Day and Labor Day. During the street festival, the 1300 block of N 26th Street and 2400 block of Kulshan Avenue are closed to vehicle traffic allowing families, businesses, service agencies and businesses to host individual spaces in the street. Everyone is invited to participate in the street festival, whether or not you reside in the Kulshan Creek neighborhood, and there is no cost to partidcipate.

The Kulshan Creek Street Festival was established as a neighborhood event to encourgage neighborhood residents to interact with one another and allow the opportunity for people unfamilair with the Kulshan Creek neighborhood to come to a neighborhood event and learn more about the community.

Since the first Kulshan Creek Street Festival in 2004, the street festival has grown each year and typically 40+ families and organizations host booths. Each year there is an extreme variety of items being sold, food vendors, religious organizations, organizations providing information on available services and music.

The individual spaces are assigned at the Kulshan Creek Neighborhood Station on a first-come, first-serve basis on the day of the event; individual spaces are typically assigned by the Kulshan Creek Neighborhood Resource Officer beginning at 5:00 am. The street festival runs from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm. Please contact Officer Jon Gerondale to learn more about the exact date(s) in 2013 or to have any questions answered about the event.