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Connect in Mount Vernon. It's the right location, with the right infrastructure, with the right bandwidth to accommodate high technology businesses today, and tomorrow.

Businesses today are redefining bandwidth as a need and not as a value added service. Bandwidth is now an essential commodity, in the same category as power, water, sewer, and other services. For businesses to be effective in the information intensive economy they need bandwidth to be delivered on a redundant fiber-optic infrastructure, which provides the speed and, even more essentially, the reliability of constant service.

In an effort to meet the demand for more bandwidth at a lower price, Mount Vernon has deployed a backbone Fiber Infrastructure that has the capacity to provide the foundation for business and local economic growth.


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    Fiber Support

    If you are experiencing any problems with your Fiber services: no internet access, slowness, or any connectivity issues please contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The ISP will contact the City of Mount Vernon Fiber Department if needed.

The Fiber Network will provide the foundation for broadband Internet access, VoIP, video-on-demand (VOD), interactive video, medical imaging, Application Service Provider (ASP) services, cloud computing and server farm growth. This network’s advanced architecture will also enable these services to be offered at affordable prices, through the availability of flexible, low cost managed bandwidth services.

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To learn more about the City's fiber optic services, view our Connect in Mount Vernon informational document (PDF).

Fiber Policies
Mount Vernon Fiber System Line Extension Policy (MVF-01)

Mount Vernon Fiber System Grievance Policy (MVF-02)

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