Seneca Drive Culvert Cleaning

Bid Award: N/A

Contractor: N/A

Consulting Firm: N/A

Project Engineer: Blaine Chesterfield, Engineer Manager

Contact Information: (360) 336-6204

Funding: Cleaning is City funded; Resources have not been secured for a long term solution

The Seneca Drive culvert along Thunderbird Creek is filling up with gravel and needs to be cleaned (it was last cleaned in September 2018). If not cleaned, it would continue to plug with additional debris and could cause erosion, road damage, or even flood homes. Public Works is currently working with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife on a permit to clean the culvert. 

Current Status:
Cleaning is anticipated for during summer 2021 at the earliest. Cleaning needs to happen during low water flow and will require Seneca Drive to have daytime closures during the work. 

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Culverts along Thunderbird Creek
Senecas Culvert Cleaning Before
Senecas Culvert Cleaning After