What is accreditation?
The concept and practice is not new. For many years hospitals, universities, and other professional fields have undergone accreditation to prove compliance with a set of professional standards.

Law Enforcement Accreditation, a voluntary statewide program mandating compliance with 140 contemporary policing standards, is a means for self-evaluation and improvement. The Mount Vernon Police Department achieved accredited status in 1994, passed reaccreditations in 1999, 2004, and 2011, and is scheduled for its next on-site assessment in April 2015.

During the last assessment, the department received very high remarks and comments from the panel of assessors during their day of inspections. With the new standards developed in 2007, the Mount Vernon Police Department is the 49th agency in the state to receive this status.

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1. What is accreditation?
2. How does accreditation benefit the citizens of Mount Vernon?
3. How does accreditation benefit city government?
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