Firework Information

People-fireworksWith so much discussion about fireworks, it can be difficult to determine things like, are fireworks banned in Mount Vernon? Will they be banned? Which fireworks are legal? What is the penalty for using illegal fireworks?

In early 2021, Mount Vernon City Council formed a committee consisting of councilmembers, residents, and the City's Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, Police Chief, and City Attorney. The committee met four times over the course of four months and their work included administering a city-wide survey to determine how residents felt about the laws and practices surrounding fireworks within the city.

The survey generated over 800 responses, and the committee used this information along with data from the Fire Department, Police Department, and Legal Department to arrive at a recommendation to City Council. The recommendation was to increase the amount of penalties issued for fireworks violations. The recommendation was approved by City Council in May of 2021.

Beginning June 2022, fireworks penalties increased to $355 per violation. Certain ("safe and sane") fireworks are only legal within city limits on July 4th, between the hours of 12 p.m. and midnight.

The links below include current laws for fireworks, what is legal and what isn't, survey results from the 2021 community survey, and data from the MVPD and MVFD on calls for service.

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