Lower Kulshan Restoration

Lower Kulshan CreekKulshan trail map

One of the restoration sites that the city is actively working on an approximate 7.3 acre site comprised of waters and wetlands along lower Kulshan Creek. Following is a map that identifies the approximate project boundaries.

Kulshan Creek is a tributary to the Skagit River; and as such, provides habitat for anadromous and resident fish. This project will focus on restoration of hydrologic, bio geochemical, plant community, and faunal support/habitat functioning within and adjacent to city owned property.

Improving The Ecosystem
The project aims to improve ecosystem functioning by restoring the native vegetative community that has been disrupted by deforestation, urbanization, and invasive species. This project will also include the construction of a portion of the Kulshan trail connection as shown with brown and white dashes on the map below.

The following links are to documents and maps that have been created to-date to aid in the necessary permitting for this important project: