Municipal Code Amendments


Following are copies of ordinances that have amended the city's municipal code, or may be of public interest, after March 18, 2015:

Ordinance No. (MVMC Section)Brief Description:
Ordinance 3753 MVMC 2.97Arts Commission
Ordinance 3648 MVMC 10.20Truck Parking
Ordinance 3651 MVMC Title 16Plat and BSP Extensions
Ordinance 3652 MVMC 2.60Planning Commission Meeting Times
Ordinance 3653 MVMC 17.87Signage
Ordinance 3659Moratorium on Collective Gardens and Group Cooperatives
Ordinance 3673 MVMC 10.20Parking Limits
Ordinance 3680 MVMC 8.24.150Fireworks Ban
Ordinance 3681 MVMC 9.28Noise
Ordinance 3684 MVMC 15.04Building Code
Ordinance 3687 MVMC 13.36 and 3.40Deferral of Impact Fees for SFR uses
Ordinance 3688 MVMC 17.91Mobile Food Vendors in Specified Public Places
Ordinance 3700 MVMC 13.33, 13.35 and 15.40Adoption of updated stormwater manual and best available science in critical areas code
Ordinance 3698 MVMC 5.06, 5.13, Title 17Adult Business Licenses, Employees and Adult Entertainment
Ordinance 3699 MVMC 9.19 Code EnforcementOffenses Against public Morals
Ordinance 3705 MVMC 5.06, 5.13, Title 17Confirms Ordinance 3698 (see above)
Ordinance 3743 MVMC 17.210Temporary Homeless Encampments
Ordinance 3712 MVMC 17.67Permanent Supportive Housing
Ordinance 3714 MVMC 5.06, 5.13, and 17.72Adult Entertainment
Ordinance 3713 and Ordinance 3720, MVMC 8.08, 17.72, 17.56Cannabis Transportation Businesses
Ordinance 3715 MVMC 5.04City Business Licenses
Ordinance 3722 MVMC 15.40CAO Updates for GMA Requirements
Ordinance 3725 MVMC 10.20Vehicle Regulations and Fines for On-Street Parking
Ordinance 3735, MVMC 13.35
Storm & Surface Water Rates & Fees
Ordinance 3749, MVMC 17.06, 17.09, 17.45, 17.84, and 17.93Zoning Code Amendments Associated with the South Kincaid Subarea
Ordinance 3754, MVMC 3.40
Impact Fees for Public Streets, Roads, Parks, Open Space and Recreation Facilities and Fire Protection
Ordinance 3764, MVMC 12.32Regulation of City Parks and Trails
Ordinance 3770, MVMC 15.04
Technology Fee
Ordinance 3773, MVMC 17.70
Design Standards
Ordinance 3775, MVMC Various
Zoning Code Amendments
Ordinance 3776, MVMC 14.05
Application Processes, Permit Types, Electronic Permit Requirements and Electronic Plan Review Submittals