LEOFF 1 Disability Board

LEOFF 1 Member

Retired Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters that were established in the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems prior to October 1, 1977.

Scope of Work

The Law Enforcement Officers’ and Firefighters’ 1 (LEOFF 1) Disability Board reviews and approves all eligible disability and medical claims submitted by retired Police and Fire LEOFF 1 members in accordance with RCW 41.26, WAC 415-105 and the City of Mount Vernon LEOFF 1 Disability Board Rules, Policies and Procedures.

LEOFF 1 Board Membership

The Board is comprised of

  • two elected officials
  • one active or retired law enforcement officer
  • one active or retired firefighter and
  • one member of the public to be appointed by the other four members.

LEOFF 1 Rules, Policies and Procedures

The LEOFF 1 Rules, Policies and Procedures outline the purpose and scope, and other information regarding Board business.  

Agendas and Minutes
LEOFF 1 Board Claim Reimbursement Form

LEOFF 1 Board Contact:

LEOFF 1 Disability Board Secretary
Erin Keator, Human Resources Director