Fire Permit Process

Welcome to the Mount Vernon Fire Department permit section. Our Fire Marshal is located at 1901 North LaVenture Road across from Skagit Valley College. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

All permits are completed through Development Services. Most permits should be applied for thought the permit portal. Please visit the Development Services section by clicking HERE.

Washington State is an International Code State. What this means is Washington State Building Code Council adopts the International Code family that is published by the International Code Council on a three year rotation. Washington State amends areas of the published code to meet the topography and demographics of our State. The code as adopted is required to be enforced by local jurisdictions like the City of Mount Vernon. The City may choose to enforce codes not adopted by the State and has the ability to modify an adopted code as long as it is more restrictive. These changes are found in the Mount Vernon Municipal Code 15.08.

Permits are required to be submitted to the Fire Department for a wide range of activities such as new construction, modifications to life/safety systems, and business operations that are regulated by the International Fire Code (IFC).  Click HERE to view a non-inclusive list of the activities that require permit(s) from the Department.  

All non-operational Fire Permits must be submitted to the City via our on-line Permit Portal.  Click HERE to be directed to the Portal. Before submitting a permit through the Portal Applicants need to download the applicable permit instructions and forms for the permit they wish to submit.  These documents are contained on the Portal and can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Frequently asked Questions

Do I need a permit?

The International Fire Code requires a permit to be issued to the property owner or authorized agent who intends to conduct an operation or business or install or modify a regulated system by the fire code. The following are the permit categories:

a. Construction

b. Operational

c. Special Events