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Community Bulletin Board Request Form

  1. The Mount Vernon Community Bulletin Board is offered as a free public service to promote communication among educational, established non-profit, and governmental sources. It is broadcast in Mount Vernon on Comcast channels 10 and 26. Text is displayed throughout the day, seven days a week, during all non-program (taped or live) playback hours.
  2. Guidelines
  3. All bulletins must be submitted on this form. General press releases will not be considered.
  4. Forms must be submitted at least seven working days prior to the first requested display date. Forms may also be brought in or submitted through the mail.
  5. No information shall be transmitted which involves advertising on behalf of candidates for public office or political issues, lottery information, or obscene/indecent matter.
  6. In order to maximize use of the Community Bulletin Board for messages of broad public interest, regular community group and church service schedules will not be announced.
  7. The City Television Advisory Committee reserves the right to edit and to reject messages. As appropriate, appeals to the decision of the City Television Advisory Committee may be made to the Mayor.
  8. Questions or comments regarding the Community Bulletin Board may be directed to Mount Vernon TV10.
  9. User Agreement*
    By submitting this form the user acknowledges that they have read and understood the Community Bulletin Board guidelines. The user also agrees to hold harmless the City of Mount Vernon, its officials and employees for any and all liability, damages or losses incurred because of actions, errors or omissions related to the use of the Community Bulletin Board.
  10. Contact Information
  11. Please provide a start and end date.
  12. Type your message exactly as you want it to appear on the screen. Group or event names should be placed on the first line.
  13. If you would like to include a logo with your bulletin, please provide it here.
  14. If there is an image you would like to have included with your announcement, please provide it here.
  15. If you have a pre-existing printed flyer for your event, please provide it here.
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