adopted Shoreline Master Program

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In Mount Vernon, proposed activities along shorelines of the City had, since 1977, been regulated by the Skagit County Shoreline Management Master Program (SMMP). The Skagit County SMMP was based on a 1972 inventory of county-wide shorelines. In the thirty-plus years since the Skagit County SMMP was adopted by the City, the physical boundaries, demographics, and economics had changed, and there was an increased concern for issues related to the environment.  In 2004, the state guidelines for development and adoption of Shoreline Management Master Programs were updated. Cities and counties are currently required to update their individual Shoreline Programs accordingly, to be consistent with the new guidelines.  

Adoption Of The Shoreline Master Program
Mount Vernon initiated development of a city Shoreline Management Program in early 2009; and the final SMP was adopted by the City Council in July of 2011.  In 2021 the City will be completing a periodic update to the SMP, click HERE to read more about this update.  

Mount Vernon's new SMP or "Master Program" consists of environmental designations for the shoreline segments and goals, policies, and regulations applicable to uses and modifications within the Shoreline Management Zone. Appendices to the SMP include an inventory of existing shoreline conditions; analysis and characterization of the shorelines of the city; a cumulative impacts report; a shorelines restoration planning report; shoreline wetland regulations; and a compilation of resources available.

Shoreline Master Program Documents