crime Prevention

Prevention of Crime

The central strategy and number one operational priority of the Mount Vernon Police Department is "prevention of crime." It is better to attempt to prevent crime than to put departmental resources to work after the crime has been committed. Clearly, such a stance should result in an improved quality of life for the citizens of Mount Vernon, and a reduction in fear generated by both the reality and the perception of crime.


Under the command of a Lieutenant, and direct supervision of a sergeant, the Crime Prevention Division currently consists of Lieutenant Dave Shackleton; Sergeant Aaron Cohen; Community Service Officer Adam Walker, Community Service Officer Jon Gerondale, and Animal Control Officer Emily Willett. Community Service Officers divide the city for coverage. CSO Gerondale is responsible for the area north of Division Street while CSO Walker handles the area south of Division. CSO Walker facilitates the Block Watch Program within their geographic boundaries and work closely with the community, problem solving neighborhood, and quality of life issues. The Public Education (TEAM) Officer position is currently vacant. 

Crime Prevention Division

  • Neighborhood Problem Solving
  • Community Service
  • Security Planning
  • Public Education
  • Citizen Volunteers

Community Based Crime Prevention

Community based crime prevention in Mount Vernon includes Neighborhood Block Watch, Citizens on Proactive Patrol (COPP), Managers Net, Mount Vernon Police Volunteers (MVPV), as well as other volunteer programs. Each involves citizen participation in neighborhood activity, in cooperation with the Police Department, in an effort to identify, prevent, and cope with crime. Citizens, working in partnership with the police, identify and problem-solve neighborhood and community problems. These community volunteers are an extension of the Mount Vernon Police Department and are additional eyes and ears working to make "Safe and Enjoyable Community Living" a reality.

This function provides citizens with a centralized source of prevention information and assistance to minimize the chances of becoming a crime victim. Under the command of a lieutenant, and direct supervision of a sergeant, officers assigned to this division provide crime prevention assistance through community, neighborhood, and commercially targeted programs. The division maintains rapport with the public through community relations efforts, school safety programs, and provides response to calls for service which are of a prevention nature and do not require the presence of a first response patrol officer.

Neighborhood Security

Organizes and maintains Neighborhood Block Watches and Neighbors on Patrol programs; provides programs such as Operation ID and follow-up survey service as preventative measures against crime; organizes residents to solve problems at the neighborhood level.

Commercial Security

Provides loss prevention ideas and training for commercial enterprises; assists businesses in asset protection planning.

Community Services

Through programs such as School Safety Patrol, Officer Friendly, High Five Fridays and TEAM, the division provides instruction to children on such topics as pedestrian and bicycle safety, gun safety, and drug and alcohol awareness. In addition, children and adults are taught the role of the police in the community through programs such as Citizen Academy.

Volunteer Services

The division is responsible for managing the department's volunteer programs such as Citizen's on Proactive Patrol, NCTA Intern Program, and MVPV Vacation Home Check.

Speed Radar Trailers and Radar Sign

The department has two radar trailers and one radar sign that are placed in problematic areas of the city to help remind motorist to obey the speed limit. If you would like to request a radar trailer at a specific location, please contact us.

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