Snow & Ice

When weather forecasts indicate snow and/or icy conditions, street maintenance crews will be mobilized. Priority for snow and ice removal is as follows listed by highest priority:

  • Main arterial streets
  • Collector streets and school zones
  • Hilly residential streets
  • Remaining residential

Snow/Ice Route Priority Map

The City of Mount Vernon utilizes primarily sand to help with roadways, however, if necessary, and sand and salt mix will be utilized. Chemical deicers are not used. 

Depending on the severity of the event crews may work around-the-clock in shifts. If snowfall resumes before we've gotten to your street, it likely means we have had to start over on the priority list, but we will do our best to get to your street as soon as possible.

Remember that blocking driveways with snow is inevitable and we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding as it cannot be avoided.

Snow and ice removal can be a monumental task with our limited crew and equipment. If public safety employees need assistance responding to an emergency, they will let us know and we'll respond immediately to their needs.