Street Maintenance

Storm Drains / Catch Basins

Storm drain maintenance is an important part of our maintenance duties and helps to ensure the health of our local water bodies and Puget Sound. Routine cleaning and repair of the storm drain systems, including catch basins, pipes, ditches, and outfall is conducted to prevent localized flooding and to reduce pollution to our streams, lakes, and Puget Sound.

 Traffic Maintenance

The City of Mount Vernon works with the Washington State Department of Transportation to maintain the signals throughout the City.

Street Maintenance

The City budgets annually for its street overlay program. In addition to the City's overlay program, city crews provide routine maintenance of pothole repair, crack sealing, signage, striping (yellow & white lane stripes, crosswalks, arrows, and stop bars) and pavement markings within City right-of-way.

Alley Maintenance

The City provides gravel and pothole repair within alleys as needed. Brush & tree growth in alleys is contracted annually.

Street Trees

It is the intent of the council to provide for the planting, maintenance, and removal of trees in the public rights-of-way and on city-owned property, including those trees that might affect said property, and to encourage the preservation of trees on private property where new development is planned. The council finds that trees have substantial positive benefits, such as improving the environmental, economic, social, and aesthetic well-being of the community. (Ord. 2703 § 1, 1995).