Maintenance activities are grouped into the following categories:

  • The construction program includes maintenance projects designed to eliminate chronic flooding areas or problems, the repair of catch basins and manholes contained within the city's asphalt overlay program and general construction activities such as ditch cleaning or repairing broken pipe.
  • The detention pond program focuses primarily upon providing mowing and vegetation control services at the city's residential and regional detention facilities. This vegetation control work is to maintain the function of the pond and not for the aesthetics or landscaping associated with the ponds. Some Homeowners Associations (HOAs) have decided to maintain the landscaping of their ponds for aesthetic reasons. The program also includes selective cleaning out of the ponds, noxious weed control and water quality improvements.
  • The collections and street crews provide services comprised of catch basin/manhole cleaning and street sweeping.
  • The emergency response/severe weather program focuses on the operation and maintenance of our existing stormwater system during severe weather events.
  • The mosquito control program is focused on the treatment of the City owned catch basins, manholes, and drainage systems. The City uses a larvicide that targets only mosquito larva and is not harmful to other aquatic habitat.