South Kincaid Sub-Area Plan

On April 25, 2018 the City Council adopted the South Kincaid Subarea Plan. Click here to download this document (this is a large document that may take longer than usual to download).  Click here to download the Ordinances adopted as part of the subarea plan:  Ordinance 3748 (adopts the South Kincaid Subarea Plan), Ordinance 3749 (adopts code amendments associated with the subarea plan), and Ordinance 3750 (adopts rezones associated with the subarea plan).  

What is a Sub-Area Plan?

Sub-area plans present unique opportunities to create detailed plans for a neighborhood, corridor, downtown, or other district and build on the attributes of an area with the development (and eventual adoption) of an integrated and thoughtful strategy to direct growth.

Reports, Presentations, & Materials

Following are links to documents that were created throughout the sub-area planning process:

Presentation from the May 25, 2017 Community Meeting

Minutes from May 25, 2017 Meeting

Presentation from the September 20, 2017 Charrette

Minutes from September 20, 2017 Meeting

Presentation from the November 30, 2017 Community Meeting

Minutes from November 30, 2017 Meeting

Minutes from April 2, 2018 Meeting

Presentation from the April 2, 2018 Meeting

Fire Station #1 Charrette Report, Fire Station #1 Replacement Information

Existing Conditions & Phase 1 Outreach Report (large file to download)

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